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I am a queer web developer here to help you build and maintain your dream website

Who I Am

I'm a QPOC web developer and designer here to help you build and maintain a website of your own. My goal is to help make the internet a more accessible and affordable place that is not monopolized by megacorporations. Therefore, I will always offer sliding scale rates, and strive to suggest technology solutions that provide the best possible value for money towards realizing your specific vision.

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What I Do

I can build you a fully customized website to meet your specific needs and wants that will truly belong to you, rather than being locked into the ecosystem of one specific corporation, and teach you how to maintain and update it yourself, too.

I offer website development, UI/UX design, consultations, maintenance, and DIY tutorials. I am also offering a special discount for customers of Wix, in solidarity with the BDS Movement. I can offer website rebuilds from Wix to Self Hosted WordPress and Static HTML, both of which are cheaper and more customizable solutions than Wix. If you choose to work with me, I can save you money, and offer you a more ethical solution than Wix.

What I Offer

My Previous Projects

For some of my previous (and occasionally ongoing) projects, along with some details about my thoughts regarding each one, check out my portfolio!

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If you'd like to work with me, or if you have questions that aren't answered in my frequently asked questions😸, please contact me to schedule a free consultation.

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